Clayton County Accident Attorneys and Wrongful Death Lawyers

Our car accident and wrongful death attorneys proudly serve customers in Riverdale, Jonesboro and throughout Clayton County from our office in Jonesboro.

We specialize in car accidents, tractor trailer crashes, wrongful death and workers compensation cases. We do not handle any other kind of law because you cannot a specialist if you don’t specialize.

Your case is unique.

Consultations are free with no pressure to hire. Take the time to have a free case review and make your own decision with the benefit of reflection.

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Our lawyers have over 32 years of combined trial experience trying cases in Clayton County. Judge Braswell has seen way too much of us!

Christopher Simon is a trial lawyer with over 18 years of experience. He spent the first nine years working for tractor trailer companies and insurance companies and defending them in the courts. It is this inside knowledge of how cases are defended that allows him to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each case and accurately predict case value.

Tyler Bridgers has been in practice for 6 years as a plaintiff’s lawyer and brings a practicality and integrity that appeals to juries.

Harrison Spires joined the firm in 2016 after 7 years with an well known insurance defense firm in Atlanta.

We insist on meeting with prospective clients in person. We do not use “investigators” because they are not allowed to give legal advice and how is a client supposed to decide on what firm to use if they cannot even meet their prospective attorney?